Cold, ice cold

Radiation frosts are the result of some of the most beautiful days. Sunny, warm, clear and still. Followed by some of the sweetest evenings. Fresh, star-filled, yet eerily quiet. The sun, gaining in strength, is now able to warm the soil surface sufficiently. This creates a difference in temperature as the cool night descends. The warmer air above the soil surface rises and the cooler air above that, slips in below. If the night time temperature is close enough to zero, you’ll be frosted.


During winter whilst the vine has moved inward and is dormant, its tolerance for cold is remarkedly high. The buds, holding vine growth potential for the upcoming year, can withstand chillingly low temps. Ask the vine in Nova Scotia or King Edward Island, Canada. However, once the bud swells and the first leaf busts out, the vine opens itself up to the outer world. The new vibrant green growth, filled with so much water and life are extremely vulnerable to cold snaps. If the temp drops below zero, some significant damage can occur to the tender green vine shoots.

During the last days of October, just as we were starting to shoot thin, with most vines past the 5-leaf stage, we got frosted. The lower areas of the vineyard got well below zero, for several hours. Whilst we appreciate the helping hand, the frost may have shoot-thinned a little too heavy, leaving most of the vines to start again. We thank mother nature for her polite introduction to vine growing. We really look forward to working with her in the future.


As for our burnt brown and very disgruntled vines, they have again summoned up the energy to push out new shoots that will hopefully bear some fruit for their needy caretakers who plan on offering it up to the gods in the form of glorious, fermented nectar. With plenty of rain having fallen, some fertigation, foliar nutrition and some compost tea and a lotta love, they hopefully have all the help they need.
GIF of frost devleoping on the stem of a plant
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