A Japenese concept that means ‘reason for being‘ 


Sitting at 600m of elevation in the Central Ranges of New South Wales, and in the vast area known traditionally as Wiradjuri Country, this corner of the earth is dominated by native bush.
Alongside a sizeable stand of Eucalyptus, Cypress Pine and Acacia is a 4.5ha Vineyard and (a newly established) 2.0ha Fruit Orchard. All of which are tied together by a seasonal creek that runs through the landscape. We call this piece of land Ikigai Farm

It is here, on the Third Stone’s oldest Continent that we spend untold hours eating, sleeping, shitting, breathing, farming and fermenting.

Along with vines, trees, a chorus of birds and an array of well-mannered fauna, we currently have a small market garden, some goats, chickens, ducks, a handful of dogs and a cat. They all enjoy the beauty of this place. Or so they tell us.

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